Hotel Resort Policies

Canyon Woods Resort Club Pet Rules and Regulations:

  1. Only registered and authorized in-house pets (cats or dogs) are allowed on the Resort premises. Pets must not exceed two (2) feet in height and 30 pounds in weight.

  2. The Resort permits only one (1) pet per superior hotel room. Pets must be accompanied by their owner at all times. Pets left unattended for more than fifteen (15) minutes may be transferred to a holding area. Pets left unclaimed in the holding area for more than a day will be turned over to local authorities. Pet owners are advised to attach a name tag with the owner’s name and contact number for better tracking.

  3. Guests must submit a photo of their pet to the reservations department upon receiving booking confirmation.

  4. Guests must submit a copy of their pet’s latest immunization record upon check-in.

  5. The Resort provides a pet bed and feeding water bowl for use strictly inside the hotel room, free of charge.

  6. Pets are allowed to stay only in their registered hotel room and have access to designated areas:

    • Hotel Outdoor Infinity Pool Deck (no swimming allowed)
    • Clubhouse Coffeeshop (lower level)
    • Clubhouse Balcony Viewing Deck
    • Clubhouse Driveway and Parking (open area only)
    • Pavilion Man-Made Lake (no swimming)
    • Pavilion Lakeside Jogging Path (no swimming)
    • Pavilion Outdoor Swimming Pool Deck (no swimming)
    • Pavilion Outdoor Tennis Courts
    • Pavilion Campsite Grounds
    • Chapel of the Most Holy Name of Child Jesus (open area only)
  7. Pet owners must provide:

    • Vaccination Certificate showing up-to-date anti-rabies vaccination
    • Pet food and vitamins
    • Pet leash, carrier, or stroller
    • Pet toys
    • Disposable bags and pee pads
    • Diapers
    • Litter box (for cats)
    • Towel for the pet
  8. Pets must be leashed at all times, including when in a stroller or carrier.

  9. Pets must wear diapers at all times including when inside the hotel room.

  10. Pets must be well-groomed, free from fleas and ticks, and have trimmed claws.

  11. Pet owners are responsible for cleaning and properly disposing of pet waste.

  12. Hotel housekeeping can only clean and make up the hotel room if the pet is not present in the hotel room.

  13. A pet incidental deposit of Php 5,000 per room is required upon check-in to cover damages incurred if any. This is separate from the daily cleaning fee of Php 1,500 per pet per day.

  14. Pet owners must adhere to the Resort’s noise curfew of 10 PM.

  15. Pet owners must promptly address any complaints from other guests regarding noise or disturbances caused by their pet. Aggressive pets must be removed from the Resort.

  16. The Resort and its employees are not liable for any loss, injuries, or illnesses of pets while on the premises.

  17. Pet owners assume full responsibility for any liabilities, claims, losses, costs, expenses, including attorney’s fees, arising from personal injury or property damage caused by their pet. Pet owners agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Resort, its owners, and employees from such claims.

  18. Pet owners must comply strictly with Resort Management’s rules and regulations. The Resort reserves the right to relocate or remove pets and refuse service without refund if pets are deemed dangerous, unhealthy, frightened, or destructive.